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1 - Consultation[Tell us about yourself]

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2 - Commitment[Commit to yourself... then commit to us.]

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3 - Preparation[We know the key elite secrets to elite results]

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My programs in personal health consulting can help you with chronic health problems and help you to overcome the effects of exposure to environmental toxins. During a consulting session, which may occur over the telephone, by e-mail, or in person I will provide you with information about proven natural therapies, nutritional plans, and testing protocols. By providing you the correct information I will enable you to take charge of your health.

What can I expect from a consulting session?

By telephone we will discuss:

  • The current state of your health

  • What medications you are taking

  • Your current dietary patterns

  • Your particular needs and circumstances

  • Your health goals

  • Step-by-step introduction

  • Proper nutrition and detoxification

  • Information about how natural therapies work

  • Herbal and nutritional supplements

  • Testing protocols to measure your progress

  • Maintenance plans to maintain perfect health

I will advise you on a course of action based on over 20 years of experience, research and case studies. You may then make your own decision as to how to proceed, with the option of one or multiple follow-up sessions, while continuing under the care of your primary health provider. I can also provide information about alternative health supplementation and put you in contact with my supplier. So you can have access to the very same pristine live herbal and whole food supplements I have been using to assist me to live without a single cough, cold or illness for over 19 years.

I can discuss and evaluate your health concerns or symptoms and provide recommendations based on the your present health condition once you have filled out a questionnaire. I am available to develop personalized wellness plans for those who request my assistance. I will always recommend a variety of live plant base herbal and whole food, vitamin and mineral formulas, and dietary changes. To assist your body to begin hydrating, cleansing the colon, liver and blood system.

My personalized consulting and coaching services and personalized wellness program’s are specifically designed to serve as introduction to lead you on a new life-long journey to perfect health and wellness.

Fill out your questionnaire now to begin your journey to perfect health.