Client Testimonials

Successful Restoring Health After Severe Heart Damage From

Chemo, Radiation & Toxic Medication

Hey Ron,

Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t felt this good in a long, long time. When I first met you on Feb 8/17 I was not feeling good. As you know my body had taken a real beating with multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation to treat breast cancer. To add insult to injury, I was left with a damaged heart because of the chemo that was too aggressive and a lot of heart medication that had some awful side effects. In other words, I was mess. You brought me back to basics, a good cleansing and rebuilding program with a strong focus on spirituality.

I had my doubts Ron, I have to be honest, but I decided I had nothing to loose and that I would see this through for at least three months. At the time we met you told me that soon I’d be feeling great, but I didn’t REALLY believe you. Now, I have to eat humble pie… because a month and a half later I have more energy than I’ve had in years, I feel stronger, more positive, more alive and I’m beginning to feel that anything is possible! I have to hand it to you Ron, you’ve changed my life and now you are telling me that it will only get better! So I will continue to drink the water and take my supplements and eagerly await my improved results.

Thank You!



Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Successful Overcoming Drug, Tobacco & Alcohol Addiction,

Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts & 40 lbs Overweight

My name is Drew Davies,

I am 21 year old with a story of hope to share with the world. When I was just a baby, and received my 18 month vaccination my health took a turn for the worse. I developed an autoimmune disease that can resemble the measles called Kawasaki disease (KD).

The doctors then took control of my life and decided the best treatment was a drug that you have to inhale, so they starved me to make me cry a lot so I would inhale the medication that was supposed to help me. This traumatic experience put a lot of fear into me and the combination of the drugs and the trauma of being without my parents and being starved greatly effected my life. The medication and fear I experienced caused my bowel transit time to slow significantly and this caused my body and brain to become very toxic.

The toxicity caused me to develop behavior issues throughout my life. By age 14, the doctors put me on medication for depression which led me to becoming even more screwed up. I developed severe social anxiety and many other fears such as being so afraid of the dark I could not sleep at night and had to keep the lights on all night and I could only sleep during the day. In the evening I needed someone to take me to the bathroom because of my fear of the dark until literally just 3 months ago.

I became very depressed and zombie like, with very few emotions, except when I was drinking lots of alcohol or doing drugs which started at age 14. By age 18 I had become a full blown drug addict and was put on 3 more prescription drugs, 2 for depression and anxiety and 1 because of my cocaine addiction. The combination of these drugs led me to gain 70 pounds. I became so depressed and had so much anxiety that I did not leave the house for about 3 ½ years unless it was to pick up drugs or alcohol.

Fortunately for me, I have good parents who love me. They tried everything to help me, from physiologists, to psychiatrists, to doctors and even private rehab facilities. Throughout the years my parents spent 10’s of thousands of dollars attempting to get me the help I desperately needed, but nothing worked.

Then Finally a little over 3 months ago, my parents came across a life coach that specializes in full body detoxification. My mom brought me to see Ron Oliver and for the first time in my life I received some hope. I decided to give his coaching a try and my mom and dad hired him.

My life began to transform dramatically, faster then I could have ever dreamed. In the first 2 1/2 weeks I was already off all the prescription drugs (with no withdrawals) and lost 26 pounds without any exercise. Within 2 months I completely quit a 7 year tobacco addiction and quit drinking. I have never felt happier in my entire life.

This is my message of hope to everyone out there that is struggling right now like I was and to all of the parents out there who have a son or a daughter that are like I used to be. If you have almost lost all hope, don’t give up. No matter how far down into the pit you or your loved has gone, there is a way for you to become the best version of yourself. I am living proof that anything is possible if you choose to believe!

If you are inspired by hearing my story and truly desire to transform your life, the first thing you need to understand, is you cannot do it on your own. The traditional methods that our medical system provides today simply do not work. So I encourage you to contact my coach Ron Oliver. Do Not hesitate to contact Ron can help you too, if your willing to accept the help you need.

Drew Davies,

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Truly, life-changing moments can sometimes lead us to least expected

miracles. Big or small, so long as we believe, we can be healed.

I met Ron Oliver 5 years ago, just after I was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a small orange in my sinus cavity. Ron prepped me for surgery with quality water, herbs, green protein, and a clean highly absorbent food plan. I underwent surgery and within a week, I was healed. No one could believe I had 20 stitches inside my mouth!

Today, I only drink electrolyzed reduced water, eat a organic raw food diet and maintain a strong fitness regiment. I have a ton of energy, never get sick and hold a positive outlook on life.

I believe health is a life-long venture. It is not something you do now and then, or twice a year, it is a commitment to an ongoing process to reach the best state of health possible.

Ron is passionate about what he does – let him be your guide, educator and motivator – together he will restore your vitality through mind, body and spirit.

Robin Cull-Hewitt

PhD (Cand.) Educational Psychology

Faculty, Douglas College

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Released 40 lbs in 30 Days After A lifetime Of Struggling With Obesity 

Dear Ron!

Here is a quick testimony of the last 5 Weeks! During recent trip to Mexico in early March 2016 I had big health Scare and almost died! I’ve battled with my weight for many, many years and I have tried every diet under the sun. When I came home one my friend’s introduced me Ron Oliver! Ron began to share why I’d packed on all weight why its been so hard to get rid of it!! Ron shared about the condition of our water and the dead foods we eat! So I started changing things it up, and began following the personalized plan Ron designed for me. I’m now drinking electrolyzed reduced water, taking the supplements and eating the foods Ron recommended.

At first it started slow but now after just a month I’ve really kicked it up notch, I’ve lost 40 pounds and have energy to burn!!! I’m excited about our future!!! It’s been a total lifestyle change, but the results are amazing and I’m feeling 20 years younger!!!

Thanks Ron! Blessings!

Darcy Dube’

Delta, BC

Successful Overcoming Cancer After Doctors Gave No Hope

You may not remember me and my family. I met you over 10 years ago and introduced you to my father, diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live. You asked him if he ‘really wanted to live,’ and told him you could help him kick cancer in the butt. You guided him through a complete lifestyle change, fresh daily juicing and the whole food nutritional products you provided. Now, almost 10 years later, my Dad is still with us… had another bump or two along the way, but healthy and even losing his wrinkles at 74 years of age! Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my grateful family.

Ramona Passarello

Nanaimo, BC

This is more than just a good news story! I was so pleased to hear that Ramona had located you through Facebook after so many years. I would like to thank you about the wonderful way you helped Ramona’s dad. Paul has been a constant surprise to my friends and the recommendations you gave actually did save his life.

Since we met it has been quite a journey. If you remember Paul had just had a five hour operation in the Edmonton hospital where the doctor came out and told me that he couldn’t do anything for Paul. He said “the tumor was too large and encompassed the whole bile duct, therefore the best thing was just to close him up.” He said he may last one or two years because this appeared to be a slow-growing type of cancer. At this time, since his bile duct was completely blocked up he had to have the stent put in and replaced every four months (during the next two years the doctor noticed it was getting progressively easier to insert).

Fortunately we were blessed by having you tell us what to do and it was something we went into wholeheartedly. I remember how I changed my way of looking at food when you told me it wasn’t necessary to cook all vegetables, for example with beets, you said “just grate them onto our salads,” that was one thing I always remember when I make salads. So many things change when you resist cooking and make the right food choices and we went ahead full tilt and were optimistic after speaking with you. We used all the nutritional supplements you provided to our good advantage, cut out meat, and made other dietary changes you recommended. It was about two years later when the doctor took a “chance” and didn’t replace the stent. Following this Paul had a cat-scan, and the operator said “what are you in here for? There is nothing to see here, no tumor”

Now part two; Since this has been over ten years now, it has been interesting but sometimes a frustrating time for us because when people come to us with cancer, or a relative with cancer and request information on how we were able to fix Paul they often don’t listen to our advice. People from my church would say it was the prayers, and the nutrition advocates claim it was the carrot juice, quite likely it was both. It seems hard to convince people when there is such a reluctance. For instance, buying a juicer because they “don’t want another appliance cluttering up the kitchen counter” and the never ending questioning of the validity of organic produce. Keep in mind that most of our friends are our age and fear and resistance to change is evident.

Tomorrow we bury the latest resistor, his wife had already been around to request the same information when her brother had cancer. She didn’t even think that healthy lifestyle choices could help and that illnesses can actually be prevented. I am going to continue to be a health advocate when possible. One thing I have sure learned not to do is suggest an organic alternative to anyone in the produce dept at our grocery store, I got told off. I am so pleased with you and sure wish you continued good success and many blessings. If you like, I would be pleased if you would share our story and our name with others.

Thank you very much.

Nina Passarello

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Overcoming Depression, Anxiety And Obesity

Now I am so grateful for so many things. I look at everything around me and see the beauty that surrounds me. I cant wait to get up in the morning and connect with family and friends. I love meeting new people and putting a smile on their faces with a kind word, gesture, or random acts of kindness. I have always loved to make people happy. But what a lot of people didn’t know is that I too had my own issues I was dealing with. No ones entire life is “perfect” and we all have struggles we go through whether its emotional or physical or both. Which in my case was both.

We all have a story. That’s what makes us all unique, my story is that like a lot of people out there I kept my problems to myself. I went through a lot in my life but managed to hide it all by locking it all away within myself. I did this for many, many years. Too many years of neglecting my own self emotionally, and physically. I did this for so long I became depressed and began having anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue and developed eating disorders. There are so many people out there in the world who feel all alone and feel like no one would understand what they were feeling. I was that person and like many I continued to keep it to myself. Always putting others ahead of me. But what I began to realize when Ron Oliver began coaching me is that before I could help others the way I was meant to, I first needed to help myself.

Depression is not a pretty thing. You feel as if at times the world is closing in around you and then comes the anxiety which is where you feel as if you cant breathe and then the panic attacks set in. I like a lot of people out there, who think they are keeping it all to themselves felt I needed to be in control of something so I didn’t feel so helpless. So I decided I could be in control of what I ate. Which most of the time was not that much, a lot of the time my main goal for myself was to keep my calories between 500-700, many days I ate a lot less, often forgetting to drink enough water. Anything over that I would panic. So I thought I was in control of at least this one thing that had to do with my self but didn’t realize that I was doing more damage to myself then good. I would continuously have migraines 3 to 4 times a week. Some would even last 2 or 3 days straight. These were the bad migraines where your muscles would tense up and ache and any noise, sounds, smells of food or lights would literally have me physically sick. On top of that the overwhelming feeling that comes with being depressed.

I thought being a vegetarian which I was, was doing good. I am a raw vegan now. And being a vegetarian or vegan is good for you but you have to realize that only consuming 500-700 calories or less wasn’t giving my body what it needed to function properly and survive. I still continued with the migraines and all the other problems I had been experiencing before except it just kept getting worse. I had finally had enough of feeling this way and had to find something to help me because obviously what I was doing was not working. I was so tired of the doctors always wanting me to take different medicines. That was their answer for everything. I never liked to take medicine and when I did it never seemed to not help much, I actually felt worse! I was tired of going through the same things over and over again. Feeling sick, and misunderstood, something had to change and it had to quickly.

That’s when I was blessed to have Ron Oliver come into my life. I was tired of feeling exhausted, sick, and unhappy. I had a lot to offer people but how was I to do this if I was not feeling my best. He has been amazing, he has completely helped turn my life around. I am so grateful for all he has done for me. After working with Ron I found out not only the problems I mentioned earlier but that I was severely dehydrated and the med’s the doctors had me use were not helping but possibly making things even worse. I didn’t think I would ever feel better again and be able to go out and do what makes me happy. But after working with Ron I’m seeing amazing changes. I’m actually to the point where I am happy to tell anyone my testimony and let them know they are not alone. Everyone has challenges in their lives, but I promise you, that you are not alone and things can get better, I’m living proof of that. I would have never dreamed I would be where I am at today. With every day I become happier and healthier.

After years of having an eating disorder, my body was in desperate need of proper nourishment and care. With Ron Oliver’s help, guidance and knowledge he has once again amazed me. Only after two weeks of his coaching and following his nutrition and detoxification plan I can no longer wear my rings. They literally keep falling off my fingers. I am continuously going through my closet trying to find smaller clothes to wear. I’m even wearing some of my teenage daughter’s clothes.

Now I have so much energy and over all happy. I feel amazing and it has only been two weeks since I started my personalized wellness plan. I would have never believed what could happen in two weeks. Ron Oliver has so much knowledge and the plan is so simple! I would tell anyone who wants to lose weight and or take care of their health and feel the best they can to contact Him and let him do for you what he has done for me. You won’t regret it!

Ron has been working in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years. He has enlightened me, supported me, and is helping me more then I could have ever thought possible. He focuses on the emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I have learned so much from him and am so excited to continue to learn as much as I can and reach all my goals. My goals are to become completely healthy, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and I know this will happen because it has already began. Ron has not only been my Wellness Consultant for 2 months now but has also been my friend. The changes in my life so far have been absolutely amazing.

Angela Cottrell

Circleville, Ohio USA

Successful Results Detoxifying A Young Child And Father

My name is Tony and I have been working with Ron Oliver for the last 5 weeks and in that time I have had some wonderful results. My son, who is 10 years old, and I have been doing a cleanse for the last two weeks. We have a personalized plan that was provided for us by Ron that is easy to follow for kids and adults. Our bowel movements have increased to 4-6 times a day and we feel much healthier.

I also have an injury that I’ve been dealing with for the last few years. Ron and I prayed together and we asked for a healing. It’s been two weeks and my symptoms have drastically reduced. Ron has an amazing relationship with The Creator and I do believe that his gifts are to be shared with all.


Tony Edwards

Chilliwack BC, Canada

Amazing Results In Just The First Week!

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Oliver at Pomme Organic Market in Port Coquitlam, BC in April of 2016 while managing a display of our companies products in the store. I found the information Ron shared with me regarding health, our bodies and water very interesting and intriguing. Later that week Ron came by my home and installed a electrolyzed reduced water unit for my family to experience for a week.

Since Day 1 the experience of drinking the electrolyzed reduced water has been phenomenal!

Day 1 – I was energized from the 1st two glasses of electrolyzed reduced water I drank. The desire to drink coffee – immediately subsided (average 3-4 cups per day)  No coffee drank since day one (experienced no withdrawals)

Day 2 – Not sleepy in the afternoon

Day 3 – Awareness more acute

Day 4 – Energy levels increasing

Day 5 – Energy levels elevated late into the evening

Day 6 – Restful sleep each night

Day 7 – Ready to jump out of bed each morning

My whole family is drinking way more water now and feeling great!

Another major point worth noticing for me is: the pain and inflammation in my right ankle with osteoarthritis of 5 years has greatly diminished. Everyday I now walk with increased mobility of the ankle and less pain.

The experience has been rewarding. My family and I love the water, we take it everywhere with us now and would not be without it.

Thank you Ron for stopping by the both and speaking to me about electrolyzed reduced water.

Kurt Johnson

Delta, BC