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Let me explain! Dynamic health begins in your mind! It starts with you choosing to take responsibility for your own life. Choosing to be willing to change your thinking to the right thoughts and speaking the right words over your life daily. You must understand what you think about is literally what comes about. Your thoughts are always creating a frequency, a vibration that your re projecting into the atmosphere around you. Negative thoughts always create a bad frequency, a low vibration and create negative results. Positive thoughts always create a higher frequency and good vibrations and a positive result directly influencing and affecting your feelings and others around you. Your emotions are always a direct result of what you are choosing to think about. What you are thinking about is a direct result of what you are allowing into your ears from what you are choosing to listen to and what you are choosing to watch. The music and people you listen to and the television shows and movies you watching are effecting your life far more than you realize.

There are no exceptions to these principles! There is greater power in your thoughts and words than you realize. Whether your thoughts and words are negative or positive there is great power in your thoughts and words because you are a human-being. As a human-being you must understand that you are a spirit being living in your human body, not a human having a spiritual experience on the earth. You are a spirit being having a human experience living on the earth. This is the truth of who and what you are. This truth will begin to cause your conscious to expand and cause you to think differently from a much higher level of perception.

This truth will eventually make you see people and the world in a completely new light. This revelation was a complete and total game changer for my life. It changed everything for me and it will for you too when you learn to understand this truth. As spiritual beings we have the power to create our lives with our words, in fact we all already doing it. We are all literally creating our lives with our words. We all live in word created reality, a word created world, nothing will ever change this. This is how the world was created, it is a universal law that cannot be changed.

So, its all about your mindset. We must develop the correct mindset and align our thoughts with what we really want our lives to become. We must retrain our minds through the process of renewing of our minds with words of truth. This is the ONLY way to create the life we really want, by lining up our thinking with the truth of who we really are and what we really want. To change our lives we must develop disciplined minds and learn to ONLY speak forth positive words into lives. We must begin to speak words of life over every area of our lives where we want to see change to start manifesting the abundant life we were created and empowered to create that we are all wanting.

The health of your body and the quality of your life right now is literally a manifestation of what you have been thinking, speaking, drinking and eating! The greatest of which is your thoughts. Whatever thoughts you allow to come into and dwell in your mind are going to become the words that you will eventually speak out of your mouth. Your words are either going to be negative or positive. Negative words (curse your life) and positive words of truth, speak life into your life, into the atmosphere of where you live, work and play.

So, no matter how you’re feeling right now, no matter what situation sounds like, no matter what situation looks like. You must understand in order to change your circumstances you have to change. You have to change your thoughts and word you speak. You need to except that you need to change in order for your life change. It starts with you choosing to renew your mind daily and speaking the right words. No more complaining and making excuses for your life being the way it is! Taking complete responsibility for you life is a fundamental and the most important step you must take to achieve attaining good health and “The Abundant Life” you were created for. A life full of peace, joy, love, prosperity, abundant energy, vitality and good health.

If you really, really want your life to change.. no matter what you must decide to change yourself first and take full responsibility for your life daily. You must choose to renew your mind and develop wisdom. DO NOT allow anything or anyone to stop you or distract you from doing this. This is the only thing that works because it is the way we were created to create our lives. This Way is the only way that works.

All the lies you have heard and learned form the world and the negative people in it have become the false beliefs in your mind that became the wrong thoughts about you and your life. These lies eventually manifested into the negative words of death that you spoke from your mouth over yourself and other people. Hateful words are literally destroying the lives of people all over this world. They are making people sick and they eventually destroy us and they first came into our minds through our ears. Negative words are hateful words.

Read this statement below with the greater understanding you now have and take action today to start renewing your mind with the truth with a greater determination than ever before.

Thoughts are Things and What You Think About Comes About!

If You think You can You can – If you think you can’t you can’t.

Either way you’re Right!!!